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Montreal summer of 2002. First they got drunk, then proceeded to forge “volcanic rock” and chose a name : Paradise. The next day , they came up with a title for their first album :Rock Anthropologists on the Kon Tiki Voyage. Obviously they were still drunk. Co-founders and fellow guitar players, Frank Kelly and Jet Phil, still thinking that they had a great concept on their hands, started the rock riff machine and came up with a bunch of kick-ass rock and roll. Pretty soon, every track was assigned a tittle and, what do you know, they were all taken from a Kon-Tiki drink menu. It all made a lot of sense…

Still without any lyrics to complete the recipe, they set out to find someone crazy enough to work on their project. Through mutual friend, rock promoter François Lalancette, they were introduced to singer songwriter Richard Eusanio who was more than crazy enough to jump in feet first. Within days, the record started to take shape. By this time, also on board was guitar master and Sword‘s axeman Mike Plant. Paradise was happening…

Frank and Phil then recruited good friends, underground icon Xavier Caféine and drum god Michel “Away” Langevin of Voivod, to help out. Pretty soon Paradise became big and loud…

The record was then sent to Glen Robinson (Voivod, Tea Party) to be mixed and mastered. Fall of 2002 Paradise came alive with the release of Rock Anthropologists on the Kon Tiki Voyage.

Summer of 2004: The boys were now ready for another roller-coaster ride. The usual suspects were rounded-up, including bass man Fred Kelly. Now transported from the beaches of the South Pacific to the famous and even infamous hotels of this world, they began to work on Paradise’s follow-up “Hotel“. Everybody was ready for the trip.

During the sessions in the summer of 2004, they were blessed with the inspirational collaboration of Voivod‘s guitar pioneer, the late but great Denis “Piggy” D’Amour who left his stamp on a couple of titles before losing his battle to illness in august of 2005. Mixed and mastered again by Glen Robinson, Paradise’s Hotel was released in the winter of 2005 and once again it all made a lot of sense.

2019: With the will of the volcanic rock gods, the resurrection of Paradise was inevitable. Today composed of Frank Kelly (guitars), Fred Kelly (bass), Blacky (vocals), Fred Crew Grrr (guitars) and Mat Hias (drums), Paradise, like a phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, releases a new eponymous album that sways on the line between hard rock and pure heavy metal (mixed and mastered by Kevin Jardine from Slaves On Dope). From the opening piece and future classic “Straight From Hell” to the final “Free in Exile”, through “Hitting On All Sixes” and “Long Gone”, Paradise delivers an album where the balance between catchy riffs, attitude, intensity and melodies is perfect.

So all you rockers, metal heads and soon to be converts should be prepared for a ride through hell, with Paradise.


    1. Straight From Hell Paradise 3:38
    2. Hitting On All Sixes Paradise 3:54
    3. Who Do You Wanna Be Paradise 3:36
    4. One Of A Kind Paradise 4:34
    5. Never Cry Again Paradise 3:34
    6. Low Down And Shaking Paradise 4:59
    7. Barn Burner Paradise 3:38
    8. Long Gone Paradise 2:55
    9. Away From You Paradise 3:31
    10. Free In Exile Paradise 4:04


    Email: info@paradiserockband.com
    Phone: 514 746 6746